Q. How do I book you for my wedding?

A. You can contact me at [email protected] or my Facebook page to check my availability and receive a quote. I can only hold your date in my diary once I have received a deposit. Payment details will be included in the quote so please make sure to confirm that you are sending it through and I will put a placeholder in my calendar for your date. If the deposit is not received within 3 working days, the date will be released. Once the deposit is paid I will confirm back to you that your date is secure and I will be in touch at a later date to arrange your trial.

Q: Do you travel to all over Ireland?

A: Unfortunately no. I am based in Bray, County Wicklow and am happy to travel up to 2 hours from home.posit is not received within 3 working days, the date will be released. Once the deposit is paid I will confirm back to you that your date is secure and I will be in touch at a later date to arrange your trial.

Q. Do I need a trial?

A. Ideally yes! Not only does it allow you to see what suits you and your hair type, its also a great opportunity for us to meet before the day. But some brides haven't managed to get to me before the day and it still worked out perfectly. I will try to do the majority of my trials during the quieter months (Oct – Mar). 

Q. Where will the trial take place and how long will it last?

A. I do all my trials at Blink Lash Bar in Bray Thur – Sat. They generally take 1.5 hours.

Q. What happens at the trial?

A. We’ll look at inspo photos and discuss your hair type, likes and dislikes. I also like to see photos of the dress. If you’re unsure of whether to wear your hair up or down then we can try both. I’ll also have accessories for you to try and a veil. I’ll take photos of the hair from all angles and send them to you later that day. We'll also agree a start time for the morning of the wedding.

Q. If I change my mind, can I come back for another trial?

A. Yes of course but obviously its an additional cost. So its only necessary if you want to go for something completely different to the first trial. Or you’ve since got extensions.

Q. Can my mother/bridesmaid have a trial too?

A. Usually yes but because I am just one person and only work part time so it can be sometimes tricky to schedule. But please do ask. The price is the same as a bridal trial.

Q. Can I bring a friend/family member to the trial?

A. Yes but I only have room for one extra person. Just make sure its someone whose opinion matters to you.

Q. My hairdresser told me what way I should wear my hair, can you do it the same please? I can tell you what they use.

A. I get this a lot!!! If you want your hair done just like your hairdresser does it then you need to get them to do your wedding hair. But if they're not available then you need to trust me and my experience. I’ve done hundreds of weddings and 100’s of styles on all types of hair for all types of people. I’ve attended numerous masterclasses with some of the best people in the business and I know what works and what doesn't work. 

Q. Should I wash my hair on the morning of my wedding?

A. If you can get a few days out of a wash then just wash it the day before. If like me, your hair is oily, then by all means wash it on the morning. Wash it 2-3 times to get rid of any oils on the scalp. And just use minimal conditioner on the ends only. This goes for bridesmaids too. Working on oily hair is a nightmare and can add on extra time on the morning of the wedding. To be honest, I would rather hair was too clean than too dirty.

Q. Should I colour my hair for my wedding?

A. If you have dark hair that is all one colour I would recommend adding some subtle lighter pieces throughout. It just makes the style pop and adds texture. Most Pinterest/Instagram photos will either be blonde or caramel balayage coloured hair. Check out my Instagram for some ideas.

Q. Should I let my hair grow super long for my wedding?

A. Long hair is the hardest to work with believe it or not. Mid length hair is the easiest. It holds a wave/curl better too. Get your hair trimmed regularly in the run up to your wedding and always get layers.

Q. Do I need extensions?

A. I never encourage people to get permanent extensions but I love clip in extensions. They add volume and hold waves/curls really well. I send all my brides to Hairspray - the girls there are great at colour matching. I will cut them on the morning of the wedding. 

Q. My hair is limp and lifeless. Is there anything I can do to help it?

A. Sometimes taking a hair and nail supplement can help. I recommend Boots own brand. Unfortunately, stress, lifestyle and/or medication can affect our hair. Pelo Hairdressing are experts in scalp care for people with thinning hair, alopecia and baldness and can prescribe a treatment plan specifically for your needs.​

Q. My hair is dry and damaged, what products should I use?

A. Firstly, get it trimmed regularly to get rid of those dead ends as no amount of product will fix that. Then use weekly conditioning treatments. I really like TIGI Bedhead Resurrection but any professional treatment will help. Just don’t use it the week of the wedding as we don’t want the hair to be too slippy.

Q. I have psoriasis, can you recommend any products to use?

A. As psoriasis is a medical skin condition, you would need to seek advice from your GP, dermatologist or pharmacist. But I found this article on Medical News Today which may help you: https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/319443.php

Q. I’m thinking of fresh flowers for my hair but will they last all day?

A. Yes if you get the right ones. Just check with your florist. Unless you’re planning on wearing a crown, the flowers don’t need to be wired.

Q. What happens on the morning of the wedding?

A. I’ll arrive at the agreed time, say hi to everyone and get set up. Then I’ll usually ask the MUA when she needs you and work the schedule around that. As long as I’m always working on a person then I don’t mind which order its in. Depending on what everyone is having done, I’ll do the prep first, allow for setting time and then get everyone back for the finish.